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Since the introduction of Smart Feed many accounts have noticed a significant decrease in the rate of their follower growth. In this week’s episode of the podcast I bring you 10 tips to help you work with Smart feed to attract new Pinterest followers.

10 Tips to Attract Pinterest Followers with Smart Feed from Oh So Pinteresting


Are you attracting Pinterest followers at a slower rate?

Since Pinterest introduced Smart Feed I have consistently been receiving messages that the the rate of follower growth on some accounts has decreased. In a recent podcast episode I spoke with Susan Werner Jackson of Ahalogy about how Smart feed works. I also spoke with Amanda Hoffman about what changes she has notice with her bookkeeping business’ Pinterest account.

Do we need to just accept that our accounts will not be followed as frequently now? I say NO! There are things that we can do to improve the visibility and attractiveness of our pins and boards.

Here are 10 tips to help you attract Pinterest followers:

1. A lot of the pins in the popular category are at least 735 pixels wide, but not all of them. However the vast majority are TALL. Pin tall images!

2. If a pin or a piece of content doesn’t have a great image, skip it. Or, you can go above and beyond an create an image like Amanda does. 

3. Pinterest looks at how many times a URL has been pinned as a quality factor. Perhaps it’s good to wait to pin new content until it has built up a few pins by others and repin some of your popular pins that have already built up those links.

4. A lot of the pins in the popular category have comments. Include questions in your pin descriptions to encourage engagement.

5. Use Pinterest’s search feature to follow boards and accounts. engage with people on Pinterest frequently and they’re more likely to follow you back.

6. Promote your account n other networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to tell them why they should follow you.

7. Occasionally share your best pins and repins on Twitter and Facebook.

8. Embed Pinterest’s follow button on your website. They don’t have to leave your website to follow you.

9. Embed relevant Pinterest boards in your blog articles with Pinterest’s board widget.

10. Make your account organized and attractive. Choose great board cover images and arrange the boards in a logical order.

Be sure to listen to the podcast for more information on how to implement these tips to attract Pinterest followers.

You’ll also hear:

  • A listener question about board cover images.
  • This week’s Pinterest tip of the week.
  • The exciting new features available on the updated Pinterest mobile app for iOS.

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