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Despite the potential for traffic generation and sales, businesses sometimes holdback from adding Pinterest to their marketing plan because of copyright concerns and limited sources of content. Ahalogy, a tech startup based in Ohio, that has developed a service that solves these issues and in the process helps bloggers too.


Ahalogy a Win Win for Businesses and Content Creators on Pinterest


In this episode of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast, I chat with Susan Wenner Jackson, VP of Content Partnerships at Ahalogy. She describes the ins and outs of the service. One part that really stands out from other Pinterest based services is that Ahalogy clients pay based on performance of the service not a flat monthly rate. Sounds fair to me.

At its essence, Ahalogy selects bloggers/ content creators to be a part of their content network. Their clients (bigger businesses) then have access to relevant content to pin to their boards with out fear of violating copyright regulations. These pins bring attention to the businesses Pinterest account and thus their products or services.

Bloggers benefit in many ways from partnering with Ahalogy in their content network. They have access to Ahalogy’s scheduling tool, image editing tool, their content is being pinned to businesses accounts and the pins still link to their original content on their blog.

To be a part of the Ahalogy content network bloggers must apply. I’ve begun to test the service and launching an account with Ahalogy is pretty easy. There are some quirks that I’m trying to figure out but the potential is amazing. They do offer training webinars to help you along and I’l be participating in one soon. As I really dive into the account I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the site.

  • Ahalogy gives each pin a rating and tips to improve it. If it’s not quite up to par, you can edit it with PicMonkey tools that are included!

Ahalogy gives each pin a rating

  • Pins in the Ahalogy content network are sorted by popularity. Selecting from the most popular pins could get repinned and bring attention to your account. Doing this also helps to promote the other bloggers in the content network.

Pins in the Ahalogy network are sorted by popularity

One feature of Ahalogy that I’m really looking forward to is their engagement boxes. When someone clicks though your pin that was setup in through your Ahalogy account, visitors to your site will be greeted with an image similar to the one below. They’re customizable and can really bring attention to your Pinterest account.

I’m usually not a fan of pop-ups but this is different. Unlike other pop-ups, these are specific to each pin and are relevant. They only appear when people click on your pin from Pinterest, visitors from other sites such as Facebook won’t see this.

 Engagement box visitors from Pinterest see available through Ahalogy


In this episode

  • Brands that have teamed up with Ahalogy and have found success on Pinterest
  • The science and strategy that makes Ahalogy so powerful
  • What Ahalogy looks for in content creator partners
  • Engagement boxes available through Ahalogy
  • Why Pinterest drives 7 times more traffic than Facebook
  • How smaller businesses can benefit from Ahalogy
  • How much and how often to pin throughout the day
  • As a blogger herself, Susan understands the importance of using sites like Pinterest for content promotion. She shares some of her best tips with us.


 Links mentioned

  • Ahalogy
  • Nature Box
  • Casio Taps Ahalogy To Build Lifestyle Brand Via Pinterest Boards article on AdExcahnger
  • Cincinnati Startup Pingage Signs With P&G to Bring Business to Pinterest Article on AdAge (Ahalogy was formerly known as Pingage)
  • Social Media Success Summit presented by Social Media Examiner Save 50% until August 30, 2013. (affilaite link)


Connect with Susan

On Twitter

Her blog- Working Moms Against Guilt

On Pinterest


Oh-So-Pinteresting Voicemail line

What do you think about the service Ahalogy offers? If you have any questions or comments about this episode, please feel free to leave them below. Or, You can always give me a call on the Oh So Pinteresting voicemail line at 773-669-7461.




A bonus from Susan

Susan shares this slide desk with us. It includes some great Pinterest tips for bloggers.

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