An App to Bring Out your Inner Pinterest Fashionista

Does this sound familiar?




As Apple proclaims, there’s an app for that! Sort of, it’s an iPad app called Bazaart.  The company’s website describes it as…


“an iPad app that lets you get fashion items out of your Pinterest closet,

and allows you to create complete fashion looks, share them, and shop.”


According to the Bazaart blog, you can use up to 25 pins from multiple boards on your Pinterest account to create a collage with the app. You can even make collages from pins of  other user’s accounts within the app. (At this time, you can only use pins from one account at a time per collage.)

The pins can be moved, re-sized and  rotated using the pinch and stretch actions on the iPad. Another neat feature of the app is being able to “crop” pins. With some pins, “cropping” them removes the the background of the image to crate a floating object effect. Cool huh?

Here’s a screen shot of the iPad app and an example of a fashion inspired collage I created from some of my pins.



What I used to create the Collage

  1. I used a pin from my Places and Spaces Board for the background.
  2. The quote is from a pin found on my Words board.
  3. 3 Pins from MyStyle board were used. The picture of the dress was cropped in the app to remove the background .



After you have created your collage masterpiece, you have the option to to add a description, a URL for a website or leave it blank.  Then, when you’re done, you “publish” your collage and it will appear in what Bazaart calls their timeline.  From the timeline, you you can pin it to one of your Pinterest boards and share it with your Pinterest pals.


If you’re wondering where the new pin links to, it really doesn’t go anywhere. If you click on your new Bazaar collage pin from your Pinterest account, a new window will open up and you’ll see your collage with the your Pinterest user name and the description you gave it.  Like this…



Within your Pinterest account, you can edit where the pin links to. For mine, I linked it back to the My Style board where most of the pins came from to make the collage just in case someone wanted to get to the original sources of the images.



Though Bazaart is presented as a tool for fashion, I can see  other uses for it too.


For Bloggers

I had a little more fun with the Bazaart app and created a collage with some of my favorite pins about Pinterest from my blog and others. I edited the pin to link to my Pinterest board where the pins to the blog posts can be found.



After making this collage I thought it might be fun to make one with a few of my blog posts from Oh So Pinteresting and linked it to my blog. Too self promotional?  You could also go the extra step and include links to blog posts within the description of the pin.




For Businesses

I can see several business uses for this app that don’t necessarily have to be related to fashion.

  • A collage of your products with a link back to your site would be a good start
  • A collage of seasonal items or of services you offer
  • A collage of customers using your products
  • A collage of press coverage your company has received

According to Gili Golander, the fashion director and co-founder of Bazaart, there are  improvements to the app coming soon including enhanced “shopification”. And, they are  also working to “support other mediums, such as other tablets, iPhone and web.”

One change I would like to see is to be able to crop portions of the pin off in addition to the re-sizing feature.


I’m always looking for new and creative ways to use Pinterest. The Bazaart app is a fun way to make collages of your favorite pins and, they can be of whatever you want. Ooooh, I can make one of a dream vacation, or inspirational quotes, or bathroom remodeling ideas, or craft projects or……….


So what do you think of Bazaart? What would you make a collage of?


I hope you enjoyed this review of Bazaart, be sure to Pin it and share it. If you have any questions about the app, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Happy Pinning!

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