Bringing Out the Power Tools with Pinterest

The smell of fresh sawdust reminds me of my grandfather. He was a homebuilder when he was younger and my grandmother often had projects for him to do around the house. I’d sit and watch him hammer and saw fascinated by the things he could build.  I was so impressed by him, that when I was in middle school, I took a woodshop class. I almost lost a finger to a jigsaw but my paper towel holder and book shelf were awesome! At least to my 12 year-old self they were.
When I came across this recent Pinterest inspired project by Jennifer of I’m The Boss of Me, it really caught my interest. This is the first one I’ve seen that involved lumber and power tools.


This Pinterest pin might be small and innocent looking but Jennifer saw a potential problem solver. Jennifer said she hasn’t been able to complete another project because she didn’t have a work surface to complete it on. The pin linked her to for the instructions.



She had some help from a special little helper.



Jennifer had a great idea on how to save herself some time and some work; she had the lumber cut for her at Lowes. It looks like the foreman approves…



She followed the instructions as written and began with the sides.



There were some challenges along the way. The title of Jennifer’s post about this project is called Construction recap: I only cried once. It seems that one of her measurements was off. But, she was able to work around it.  The instructions didn’t specify what size drill bit to use. But, with a little help from her hubby, she got it figured out. According to the directions, the workbench was supposed to be completed in 2 hours but, it took Jennifer 6 hours. The special little helper and his sidekicks (aka his brothers) had plans that didn’t include their mom being able to put her full attention into what she was working on.  That sounds familiar.



It looks like all of the hard work and tears were worth it. It turned out great!



Jennifer spent $20 in lumber and $16 for a box of screws. That’s a bargain for a sturdy workbench!
Jennifer rates this project 4 pins





She plans on using this to build lots more projects. I can’t wait to see what she does. Moms and power tools? I like it!






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