Broken Links from Pinterest Can Ruin Your Relationship with Google

If you have an online presence, one of the most coveted things for your site, aside from a large Pinterest following ;)  is a strong relationship with Google and other search engines. As we saw last year as a result of Google’s updates, Google rankings can make or break an online business. It’s in our best interest to stay in Google’s good graces, right?

You might be wondering what this has to do with Pinterest. Many of us have been so inspired or moved by the things we find on Pinterest that we have shared some of those pins on our blogs.  Some bloggers even publish ‘pins of the week’ posts where several pins are embedded directly into the post. I don’t mean to scare anyone but this can be dangerous.



Google is a Fickle Friend

Most relationships have a give and take quality to them and the same can be said with a blog’s or website’s relationship with Google. I’m not an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, but from what I understand, to improve your site’s rankings in  search engines including Google, there are many things to keep in mind including:

  • Keywords used
  • Site structure
  • Content quality
  • How recent and relavant the content is

In Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, one of the sections is titled “Offer quality content and services.” Quality is a term that I’ve heard repeated often in SEO circles. If your site lacks in quality, it could lead to a rocky romance with Google. Google will reward you with higher rankings if you put your best foot forward. To be impressive, there will be no sweats and T-shirts for dates with Google, it’s black tie only.

Pinterest has made it very easy to embed pins into blog posts. My Virtual Vacation With Pinterest is a blog post comprised mostly of embedded pins. I have tried to keep Oh So Pintersting in top form so, you can imagine my surprise when I found 2 of the pins in that post were broken. GASP!

To embed a Pinterest pin in your blog post simply click the Embed box located on the right side of each pin. A box with the HTML code will appear that you can then copy and paste. 


I can’t have a “high quality” site if I don’t maintain it and keep up with the links I provide readers. It was like having spinach in my teeth when trying to get the attention of prince charming.

The pin’s links could have broken for several reasons:

  • The Pinterest account was closed
  • The pin was deleted from the board by Pinterest or the account owner
  • The pin was to another board by repinning

As you can see, some of these actions are out of your control especially if you embed a pin that is located on someone else’s board.

How to Avoid Embarrassment

Thank goodness I use WordPress and there are all sorts of handy dandy plug-ins to help with the embarrassing condition of broken link syndrome. The one I chose and installed is simply called Broken Link Checker. (Click here for more details about the plug-in)



There are several ways to customize the broken link checker plug-in including where to check for broken links, how often to check and what kinds of links to check. I chose the option to be notified by email when a broken link is found. Now, I can fix the link when it is found and hopefully my blog will continue to be attractive to Google.  ;)



Notice in the image above it says I have 3 broken links but 5 are listed. A link to someone’s Gravatar profile is broken and they left 3 sperate comments. So, don’t be surprised if you get a long list in the email. The first time I ran the link checker, it found over 50 broken links and several were from embedded Pinterest pins. Not black tie quality at all.


Embedding pins into your content is a good way to share the content and beautiful images you’ve found on Pinterest with your readers and in turn, it can help build your Pinterest following. I will continue to embed pins and feel more secure about doing so now that I have a broken link checker running. Do you embed Pinterest pins on your blog?

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