Everything is Bigger in Texas a 3D Star Tutorial

They say things are bigger in Texas. As a Texas girl, that sentiment really applied to my hair in the 80’s. Now, my hair is not so big but sometimes my crafts are. On my Pinterest craft board I had this pin from Lisa at Grey Luster Girl:



Cute huh? I’ve been looking for things to dress up my office at work but I don’t want to spend a lot money. This fits the bill. It is basically a folded and painted piece of cardboard.


The first step I had to do was make a pattern. I realized that I could only print out a star 8 1/4 in. wide on my printer and that was too small for what I had in mind. I had to figure out how to get it bigger. Some of you might be too young to remember this, but banners and posters for celebrations like birthdays made on your home printer used to be very popular. You’d print out a word or letter on each page then tape them together to make the banner. They were kinda cheesy compared to what can be done today. But back in the day, we thought they were pretty darn cool.


So I never imagined that enlarging the star and printing it on multiple sheets of paper would be a problem. Wrong! It’s not as easy as it used to be.  Whats up  with that? This is the time of smart phones, the internet and video calls!


After a little digging around Google I found a way. Here’s how:


Start by opening Microsoft Word and inserting a picture of a star. I found mine through Google images


To make it bigger:
  • Go to the Page Layout tab
  • Click on Page Setup
  • Select the Paper tab
  • Choose custom size and enter a paper size large enough to accommodate your star
  • Re-size the star to the size you need



Here’s the trick to get it to print on a regular  printer. You have to save it as a PDF file. When you print a PDF you are given the option of tile printing.



When you select “Tile all pages”and print, it will print over multiple pages. Then,  you have to piece them together to make the shape. When assembled and taped they’ll look like this:



In Lisa’s post, she used a cereal box but this is a Texas sized star. I needed something bigger for this bad boy. Luckily I had a large gift box leftover from Christmas.



I got a little carried away and made my star about an inch wider than box lid. So, one of the points went over a crease in the box. I could have re-sized and re-printed it but lately, I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff.  So I just went with it. I traced it onto the box with a ruler and a ball point pen. I made sure to use enough pressure to leave an embossed line and cut it out.



Score the star by using a ruler and a pen and using firm pressure go from each tip down, then fold along the score lines. Fold the long lines out and the short lines in.  To the back, I added a loop of ribbon with some tape to use as a hanger. Oooh, fancy…



I kinda like the paperboard color but to jazz it up I painted it. I used flat black spray paint and it dried in a couple of minutes. To add some character, I used an emery board to gently scuff the creases and went over it lightly with a turquoise chalking ink.  A crayon or colored pencil would probably work too. On one tip, if you look closely, you can see where I used a part that was creased from the box lid. When it’s on the wall, it is hardly noticeable.



I think I’ll make a few of these in different sizes and cluster them together. But that will have to wait, I hear the laundry calling. I hate laundry. I’d rather be crafting. Isn’t that a bumper sticker?


I hope I explained this well, especially the computer part. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section below or send me an email at ohsopinteresting@gmail.com
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