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The kitchen pantry is an area in my home that I am determined to get organized! There have been way too many times that I’ve gone to the pantry and haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for and end up re-buying it. Every couple of months we clean it out and reorganize it. But after a week or two it’s back to  the way it was.


A while back, before the days of Pinterest, I came across this pantry in a blog post from Shelley at The House of Smiths.




This pantry is perfect. Maybe too perfect. I don’t think I’ll ever reach this but if get 50% there, I’m good.


Notice that wooden crate on the lower shelf? I was on the hunt for one for months. Once, I found something similar at Hobby Lobby but they wanted $40 for it. Way too much to spend on something for the pantry.


Then I came across this pin:



Nice huh? Now where to find a wine crate?


 Time for a story


One evening, we were out with friends at a wine shop. We had some wine and lots of laughs. Imagine my surprise, when on the way to the ladies room, I came across a huge stack of wine crates!  The crates were mixed in with cardboard boxes and you could tell that they were just stashed there until they could be thrown out.


After a few glasses of wine my level of courage tends to go up a smidge, I normally don’t ask if I can take trash. I found the manager and I think the wine was working too well. At first he looked at me like I had way too much to drink when I asked about getting a crate. Why would I want trash??? As I was enthusiastically explaining my plans, I saw his expression change from one of confusion to one of “Oh, I can make some money from this crazy lady”.  He sold me 3 crates at $5 a piece. Sure beats $40 for one at Hobby Lobby!


Time to get to work


This is how the crates came from the wine shop. Mostly unfinished wood except for the embossed label on one end. They all had really long staples and I had to bring in some muscle to help me pull them out. Thanks Honey!



Since the crates were unfinished and I wanted them to have that rustic look, I went to Pinterest for help.




Hmmm? Looks interesting, image transfer to wood using wax paper? Angela at Unexpected Elegance made it look so easy. I found some images I liked over at The Graphics Fairy, tweaked them a little and gave it a try.


I decided I could use these wine crates for more than just pantry storage. I also made one to organize my scrapbook paper.



Not too shabby huh? Stay tuned for more details about the image transfer process in an upcoming post.


In the pantry, I needed them to hold the bulky stuff that usually gets tossed stored on the floor so I added casters to make them easy to move around.



I picked up some casters, screws and liquid nails at Lowes. The casters come in a package of 2 for under $2. The screws were the smallest I could find that would fit the casters. Then with some help from one of may favorite helpers, my son, we put the casters on.


Steps to adding casters:


  1. Drill a pilot hole for screws using the caster base as a guide
  2. Apply Liquid Nails to base of caster
  3. Using electric drill screw casters to crate
The crates are made out of pretty thin pieces of wood. With a couple of screws, the wood split a little so I just pulled those out. Each caster has at least 2 screw and with the liquid nails, they’re holding up fine.


To finish off that rustic look, I stained them too. I used some gel stain leftover from another project. I cut up an old t-shirt and just wiped it on in the direction of the grain.


Time to hear from you


For around $10 I think I got some pretty nice storage. Do you have any other ideas how to use wine crates for organizing? Share them with is in the comments section below.


As they say,


Happy Pinning!


Debbie Does Creations
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