Get Through the Holidays with Snickerdoodles and Pinterest

The first official day of fall is fast approaching and for me fall means warm blankets, cups of hot tea and baking. I sound like a little old grey haired grandma don’t I?

Fall seems to have arrived early. This morning was so cool I had to grab a light jacket.  The chilly morning made me want to bake. I have tried to keep the carbs under control all summer but sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!


Snickerdoodles was the cookie of choice today. They give the house the smell of fresh basked cookies with a hint of cinnamon. Sounds like fall to me. Here’s the end result…



But what does my carb fix have to do with Pinterest you ask? Well, in just a little over 2 months we will be full swing into the holiday season and we can use Pinterest to help us prepare. I have baked the same recipe for snickerdoodles for years and sometimes I bake them for holiday gifts. I originally found the recipe on but this is the first time I took a picture of my cookies.  This got me to thinking, why not create your own cookbook or menu plan on Pinterest?  You could make a board of your favorite recipes for each holiday.


***The Snickerdoodle recipe link can be found at the end of this post***


Creating Your Pinterest Cookbook

Step 1. Get recipe

Step 2. Get an image to represent the recipe


If your recipe is from a website,  you can pin it directly from the website onto your board. Easy peasy.

Since I have a picture of my snickerdoodles, I can upload my picture but in the description I’ll put a link directly to the recipe on to keep it easy to find. You can also edit the pin after it is up to link it directly to the page where the recipe can be found.


From Pinterest select Add+ from menu bar to upload an image.


If the recipe you would like to pin isn’t online, you can easily create an online recipe card. has a neat FREE online recipe card maker.  They are meant to be printed but you can also save it as an image that you can upload to Pinterest.


  1. Go to
  2. Follow the easy directions to create your recipe card (you can enter more than one recipe at a time)
  3. On step #3 in the recipe card maker, select “Print Preview”
  4. A new window with the preview will open, right click on the card and save the image to your computer
  5. Multiple cards are on each image. Use a photo editor like Pickmonkey to crop your image
  6. Save the image and then upload to Pinterest

I quickly made a card just to see how it would work and this I what I came up with



In the description of the pin I can put reminders of things to keep in mind when making the recipe.



From Pinterest select Add+ from menu bar to upload an image.


Here’s what the Christmas Cookie Pinterest board looks like with the its first 2 pins



This year when I give my cookies to friends and family and they ask for the recipe I can direct them to my Pinterest board. There they find the pin and repin to their boards to help them with their planning.

My kids are growing up way too fast and I’m sure we will soon be spending the holidays at their homes. I remember some pretty bad holiday side dishes I made when I first started. This Thanksgiving, I will get a board together of some of our family recipes so they always have a source to find them.

What do you think about using Pinterest to organize your recipes?


Click here to go to for Mrs.Sigg’s snickerdoodle recipe







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