Her Personal Pinterest Challenge

This past week I got a chance to video chat with Jen from Crafty Home Improvement (Mis)Adventures.  Jen recently gave herself a Mini Personal Pinterest Challenge. Her challenge was to complete 3 Pinterest inspired projects in one weekend!


Journal Project


Jen on her journaling project:

“I’ve been pinning SmashBook ideas for a while now.  I’ve even bought a book to start my own, but I was so intimidated about where to start, how to start, when to start.  When I saw the idea of the 5-year journal I really thought that was crazy until I looked into it and saw that it’s just one quick prompt a day for a year and then repeat.  I realized that made it quite manageable.  I had a ton of card stock laying around and decided to do the index version.  It was right up my alley.”


From all of the ideas that Jen has pinned she combined several and came up with her own version. She recommends using whatever craft supplies you have on hand or starting off with some basic scrapbooking card supplies from the craft store. Jen also has a suggestion for non-crafters too;  use “a spiral notebook instead.  Just start writing.”

She was very creative when it came to finding a container to hold her cards. She took an unfinished wood tissue box cover and turned it upside down. Great idea Jen!


This is a daily journal and one of the challenges she had was finding enough prompts. She found a site that took her through 4 months’ worth of prompts but for her readers, Jen has done something special. In her post, she has included a list of 1 year’s worth of prompts that can be downloaded and repeated each year of the project. That’s awesome, thanks Jen!!        


Spice Jars

Pinterest has sparked all sorts of ideas to help me reach one of my goals for this year, organizing my kitchen. Like me, Jen wants to get things looking good but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money doing it.  This pin  for tea storage from Amanda at Wit & Whistle gave her some inspiration:


Jen: “I’ve been looking for some way to organize my spices for a while, but everything was always so expensive.  Once I figured out how I could do these jars on the cheap, I knew it was the project for me. Instead of using the $5 jars in the original post, I used baby food jars.  ”


If you don’t have a little one eating baby food right now, Jen recommends asking a friend who might have some to share or they can be picked up at your local mega mart. The jars are available in different sizes and under $1 each.


Jen also changed up the painting technique, “She (Amanda) did not prime the lids, but I did.”  She recommends using spray chalkboard paint after priming for the lids. This will help to avoid some of the mess that she had with the brush on kind.


Helpful tip from Jen: “Don’t waste your time scraping the labels off.  Spend the money and get the Goo Gone.  It worked like a champ.”




Jen rates this project 4 pins.   “I LOVE my jars!”






Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

Jen is not only a creative crafter, she’s a creative cook too. She has made some cup style recipes before with success so when she saw this yummy looking pin from Susan at Doughmesstic, she had to give them a try




Jen made a couple of substitutions to the recipe:

I like to do things the “cheap and easy” way so I substituted premade pizza dough for her fresh made and a rotisserie chicken for the chicken breasts.  I also added some blue cheese crumbles.


In the past, Jen has used wonton wrappers for these kinds of recipes not dough. This lead to a slight challenge “it was hard to get the dough in the muffin cups!  You can see by the pictures, it was not pretty.” The original recipe uses more of a cinnamon roll approach where the ingredients are rolled in the dough then sliced. I’m not sure if the cinnamon roll approach is a real thing but you know what I mean right?



Most importantly, how did they taste?

Jen:”I asked my sister and brother-in-law to give me their honest opinions on the pin rating before I served these for dinner.  I was a little nervous because my BIL is an amateur chef so I knew he would be totally honest with me.  Well, we all gave it 4 pins!”





Jen is a generous, crafty, creative, resourceful and funny lady. Not only is she a great blogger, she works full time and is a student too. Go Jen!

Be sure to stop by Crafty Home Improvement (Mis)Adventures and let her know Cynthia says “hello”. If you need a good laugh make sure to read her post called The Best Pants is No Pants…unless you’re hanging a light fixture.



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