Home Office Redo Brings a Hybrid Pinterest Project

I don’t know about you, but, I seem to be more creative and more productive when I’m in a pleasing and relaxing environment. Messy chaos is distracting.

I have been on a mission to organize and decorate our home office. My husband and I share the office, so it has to be gender neutral but, it is big enough that he has his side and I have mine. While his side is very masculine with dark wood and multiple computer  monitors, I wanted to make my side a bit more feminine and colorful.

Of course I went to Pinterest for inspiration. My side of the office has recessed area that is wide enough for a desk but had a lot of open space left above. I could have filled it with art work but I wanted something a bit more functional.

During one of my many Pinterest pinning sessions, I found a pin for floating shelves. Ah ha! Shelves are a perfect solution for filling all of that space. I can use them for storage and decorate them with some of my favorite treasures.

Here’s a peek of the shelves in progress…





The inspiration for these shelves came from Sherry and John over at Young House Love . I would like to say that my husband and I are as talented they are and made these all by ourselves, but, I have to be honest, we hired someone. We could never find the time to get it all done. We bought the lumber and it just sat in the garage for weeks.

Here they are complete and in the process of being decorated…




My antique teacher’s desk which was an awesome $75 Craig’s list find fits perfectly. And, I’m proud to say that my husband did the trim and the final touch-up painting himself.  Thanks honey!


Getting Creative

Notice those scrolly things on either side of my monitor? Well, that’s the first bit of creativity that came out of my pretty new office.


Have you seen all of those toilet paper roll projects all over Pinterest? Like this one…





While I like the idea of using recycled objects in decorating, my inner Veruca Salt won and it had to be done NOW! I didn’t want to wait the weeks it would take to collect enough TP rolls to complete my project. So, instead of stomping my feet and pitching a fit like Veruca would, I had to think of another way.

I really liked the way the toilet paper roll project had a free flowing feel to it. It kind of reminded me of the quilling project I had done a while back.




Hmmmm…. Can I combine the two?  Yes I can! Here’s how….


While I liked the monochromatic look of the TP roll art, I wanted something with a pop of color. So, I picked out a few colors of card stock and got out my paper trimmer.




I cut the paper into strips 6″ long and 3/4″ wide and taped the ends together with double sided tape to make rings.




***Bonus Tip***

After a while of cutting and taping each individual strip, I had one of those DUH moments. Why not make my own rolls then cut them?

  • I took a piece of card stock and ran a piece of tape along the edge
  • I rolled it onto itself
  • Flattened it out
  • Cut 3/4 in strips

This was much faster than taping each individual strip.




When I had a bunch of the flattened rings made, I randomly laid them out in to a pattern that I thought would look good behind the monitor.  I also cut some longer strips and rolled them around a thin pint brush for the scroll work like I did in the quilling project. When I got them arranged into a shape I liked, I hot glued them together.




I found some teeny tiny nails to hang them up.




Here’s a close up of one of the finished pieces.



It only took a couple of hours to complete the project. It would have gone faster if I had done the roll trick sooner.

Here’s a list of the supplies needed if you’d like to give it a try

  • Card Stock
  • Paper Trimmer or Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Thin Paint Brush (anything with a long thin handle)
  • Small Nails (I used 18 gauge 5/8″)


So, what do you think? I like the way they filled the empty wall space next to the monitor. The decorating continues, I’m on the hunt for some nice baskets and books for the shelves.

I hope you enjoyed this Pinterest inspired craft tutorial. If you did, please click the Pin it button or share it on Facebook. Thanks!


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