How Pinterest can Help with Back to School from Kindergarden to College

There are kids and parents all across the country trying to hold old on to the last bits of summer fun, but the time has come to get back to school. How can Pinterest  help with back to school? Here are a few ways I found that might be able to help make the transition a bit easier.


Click on the images below to be taken to the pins for more information.


For Elementary School

Remember metal lunch boxes?


One of the highlights of going back to school is getting a really cool lunch box. This Strawberry Shortcake one is just like one I had as a kid and I loved it. Now that I’m a mom, I’m not so concerned about the character on the outside as I am on the food on the inside.  This link to has lots of kid friendly lunch ideas.


I try to shop for bargains at multiple stores when it comes to kid’s clothes. They outgrow them so fast so, for school basics I don’t bother with the pricey stuff. And, when theres more that one to shop for, its hard to remember who needs what.  Keeping a list like this with me  will be very helpful in keeping up. And it can save me money, I have been known to double buy things. Really, does one boy need 20 pairs of underwear? I was too lazy busy to take them back so, I guess he does.



Here’s another free printable that can help with daily tasks. These are good for really young kids who still enjoy the reward of a check mark for a job well done. My teenagers, not so much.




For Middle School

As kids get older, it takes more and more creativity to get their attention.  This video  from Math Snacks teaches math concepts in a fun cartoon.



Creative writing gets more serious in Middle school. This site gives writing prompts with a click of the mouse.



For Highschool

Of course kids never cheat and always come up with original work. Yeah, right.  This tool checks for plagiarism intentional or accidental, from the internet and a database of academic writings. I’ll be making sure my kids know about this, because if I can find it, chances are, that their teachers use a tool just like this. No more copy and paste.





Pre-SAT ans SAT scores can make a huge difference in what scholarships your  child qualifies for. Why not make SAT vocabulary learning fun with a game? This Pinterest pin links to a free iPhone app called SAT Vocab.  This is one game I wouldn’t  mind my kids playing for hours.







For College

Let’s not forget about the college kids. They might be taller than us, know more about calculus and think they have it all under control but, they are still our kids. From decorating to cooking on a budget, Pinterest is full of great resources for college students.


Have a kid that wants to make their dorm room worthy of HGTV? Try this for some inspiration.





Even though we might not pack them lunch anymore, we want to make sure that they are eating well.’s Pinterest board has lots of easy recipes prefect for college kids. There are even some I want to give a try, like the Pineapple upside down cake martini. Where was Pinterest when I was in college?





I hope this list of pins has been helpful with getting your family back to school. Why not spread the word by clicking Pin it or share it on Facebook?


Have you found any pins that have helped your family with school?


Thanks and keep on pinning!



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