How to Add Pinterest Pins to Twitter

If you’re looking to get more followers and expose your pins to a social media savvy audience, then I would suggest promoting your pins on Twitter. This blog post will walk you step by step on how to connect your Twitter account with Pinterest and how to promote your pins to your followers on Twitter.

How to Add Pinterest Pins to Twitter

Connect your Twitter account with Pinterest

Step 1:  Log in to your Pinterest account. The easiest way to connect your Twitter account with Pinterest is to use the desktop, not the mobile version of Pinterest.

Step 2: Click on your username that’s up on the top right corner, so that the drop down menu occurs. Then, click on settings.

Step 3: When the pop up occurs, scroll down until you get to the section that reads Social Networks. From here you’re able to connect a variety of social networks, and Twitter will be one of them.  Flip the switch to “Yes” and then connect with your Twitter account.

How to share pins on Twitter.

Once that’s done your profile should have a nice Twitter like bird next to your website’s URL in your account profile. Check out  Kelly Lieberman’s Pinterest profile below.


Kelly Lieberman

Please note that the Twitter like bird is not currently available on Pinterest mobile apps so if you really want to contact another Pinterest user through Twitter, the desktop version of Pinterest is the easiest way to go about it.

How to Tweet directly from Pinterest

Once you’ve connected your account, you can then send any pin you want to Twitter as a link. Here’s how that works.

Step 1: Choose any pin and click on it to enlarge. For the desktop version, you’ll see two buttons on the top right of the pin, one for “Send” and the other has a curved arrow.  Click on the curved arrow and it will have a drop down menu that gives you the option to tweet, show it on Facebook, or embed it onto a website.

In the example below, I clicked on one of the pins from Ileane Smith of  Basic Blog Tips .

How to tweet pins from Pinterest.

You can also socially share on the iPad native app. All you need to do is click on the pin, and enlarge it, and then go to the bottom of the pin near the bottom left hand corner. There you will see three dots in a capsule. Those three dots represent the social sharing button.

Tweeting from Pinterest on an iPad.jpg

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen the Twitter button you can the customize what type of 140 character message you want to display and click post.

Note: Twitter by default will take the description of a pin as the tweets description, and it will end with via @Pinterest. If you need the extra space, take out the @Pinterest.

If possible, try to add the person’s Twitter handle, or add a hashtag with a related keyword to the tweet. Hashtags on Twitter are all searchable and indexed, unlike hashtags on Pinterest. 

Here’s an example of what appeared when I clicked to tweet a pin.

How to Easily Create Pinterest Newsletters with Mailchimp –  Pinterest Marketing, E-mail Marketing via @pinterest

I changed it to be much more Twitter friendly.

How to Easily Create #Pinterest Newsletters with #Mailchimp

Tweet from your own account, not others

When you are about to share a pin from Pinterest to Twitter, it’s important that you share directly from your own Pinterest account. This means that if you are scanning through Pinterest and you happen to see something that would be great resource to your followers on Twitter, don’t automatically tweet it.

Instead, you want to first repin it to one of your own boards and tweet from there. The main reason is so that your Pinterest account gets that extra exposure especially from the desktop version. When people click on the link from Twitter, the pin will be visually dominant, but people will see your Pinterest account on the right hand side, as you can see from this example from one of Cynthia’s recent podcasts about how she helped a blogger double her following in six weeks. 

How to add Twitter to Pinterest

They’ll also see your picture or logo near the bottom of the pin. This helps towards creating more awareness and brand impression.

Scheduling pins with Hootsuite

If you’re looking schedule several pins at one time, then consider using the Hootlet tool provided by Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows for people to manage a variety of social networks in one place.

You need to have a Hootsuite account to be able to fully use the Hootlet tool. Once installed, you’ll see a nice orange button that pops up when you hover any pin that has been clicked on for an expanded view.

Use the Hoolet tool from Hootsuite to schedule pins on Twitter.

Once you click on the “Share with Hootlet” button, there will an automated description that Hootlet and it seems to take random descriptions depending on the type of pins. I do know if you have rich pins for online articles, the Hootlet tool will automatically use the title of the blog post as its description.

When you add Pinterest pins to Twitter you can bring exposure to your Pinterest account to a whole new audience. Do you have a great way of sharing pins on Twitter? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know.

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