How to Change Pinterest Board Cover Images

A while back I showed you how to organize your messy Pinterest boards into what some would consider a work of art. Today’s Pinterest tip is going to take your boards to the next level. Make your boards more than just ordinary, make them into a masterpiece by setting your board cover images!

Why bother changing the board cover image? If you don’t, the image will continually change to be the last image you pinned to that board and it may not be the best representation of the kinds of pins there. You want your followers and your potential new followers to know what they can find on your boards, don’t you?

You’ve worked so hard and spent so much time choosing the right pins, you might as well choose an image that  represents your board well. Take a look at the video below to find out how:


Did you know that videos are “Pinnable” too? Click the ‘Pin It’ button at the top or at the bottom of this post to pin it your board.


Do you like the video tutorials? Have a question about Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d rather pin an image, I made one just in case.


Happy Pinning!



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