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Hello fellow Pinterest friends! This week I’m happy to introduce you to Vincent Ng from MCNG Marketing. He’s almost as as passionate about Pinterest as I am and he’s graciously written this awesome guest post about Pinterest and Facebook. Take it away Vincent!


You probably have some wonderful posts on Facebook, or amazing photos that were uploaded from your smart phone to Facebook that you would love to put on Pinterest.

You’ve probably visited Pinterest’s goodies page where you can download tools like the pin bookmarklet tool or the Pin It Google Chrome extension, which are excellent tools that can easily help you pin visual content from websites.


Find out how you can Easily add Facebook Posts and Photos to your Pinterest account.


However, when you try to pin content from Facebook using those tools, you get this dreaded pop up.


Can't Pin from Facebook Message


The long way of getting around this

There’s a long way of getting your Facebook posts onto Pinterst. This can be done by screen capturing the post, then cropping the image to a proper size, then uploading it onto Pinterest, and then editing it so that it redirects to the custom Facebook url on which the post is assigned.

And if this sounds a little exhausting, it’s because it is. Especially if you have a lot of great content on Facebook you want to share with your Pinterest followers, and you want to do it in a quick and efficient manner.


ShotPin makes it almost effortless to pin Facebook posts

Thankfully, there’s a much easier method. Cynthia wrote a wonderful article about a Chrome extension known as ShotPin, and it has been a lifesaver for me in so many ways.

The gist of what ShotPin can do is that it allows you to drag and select part of a screen that you want to capture.

After that, you can click on the little pin on the bottom right corner of the drag, and you will then have the option of deciding which board, and what type of description to fill in.


Using ShotPin for Facebook can help you easily transfer Facebook posts, and pictures onto Pinterest. It's an amazing Chrome extension.


I’m not going to cover too many details about ShotPin since Cynthia has done a detailed job of explaining what it is, and how to use it step by step, but I’m going to show you how you can apply it specifically to Facebook posts and photos.


How to transfer Facebook posts onto Pinterest in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Go to your Facebook account

Once you’ve logged into your Facebook account, choose the Facebook page that you wish to pin content from. This can be content from your own personal Facebook or a branded page.

Step 2: Choose the post you want

If you would like to pin a specific post, then you would click on the date of that post. What will happen next is that the post will open up as an individual page with a unique url.


Clicking on the Facebook date will allow the post to show up individually, and will show the unique url which can then be shared in e-mails and social networks.


If you want to pin a photo and you get one with a black background screen, refresh the page and it will automatically change into a regular Facebook post.

Step 3: Use ShotPin

Click on the ShotPin extension on your Google Chrome in the top right corner. After that, drag the area of the post or photo that you wish to pin.

Make sure you click on the bottom right image of the “pin” to initiate the automatic posting. Ensure you choose the right board, as well as fill in a wonderful description to let your followers know about the post.


Some helpful advice about using ShotPin

If you find that you click on the ShotPin button on Chrome and it doesn’t seem to respond, hit the refresh button on the site, and then trying using the tool. It should work out nicely then.


Why pin Facebook posts onto Pinterest?


1) Pinterest doesn’t currently allow branded pages to officially be associated with their Pinterest accounts.

Pinterest only allows personal Facebook accounts to be officially connected with a Pinterest account, and makes it harder for small businesses and marketers that want their branded page to be associated with Pinterest.

However, by adding posts from Facebook onto your boards, fans of your Pinterest page can now connect with you and your business on Facebook as well.


2) Cross promotion is another reason why this should be done.

This goes hand in hand with point number one. While Pinterst is a visual medium that shows up only certain times. By promoting your Facebook page, you also give the opportunity for your fans to interact with you on another social medium.

This also increases the chances that they are engaging with your content. This leads to higher levels of brand awareness and loyalty.

Imagine if you had a hot topic going on with Facebook, wouldn’t you want your Pinterest followers to get involved?


3) It’s good for social proofing.

Using Facebook Posts as a way of social proofing may be helpful in getting more followers on Pinterset.


Maybe you’re late on the Pinterest wagon, and you’re looking to build a following. Having a cover photo that shows how many Facebook fans, or posts that shows a lot of engagement, may tip the iceberg in getting people to follow you when you’re starting off.

Don’t use these social networks in isolation, ensure that you’re using both as part of your Pinterest strategy to attract a much larger following. Share great texts/photo posts on Pinterest, and share great photos from Pinterest onto Facebook.

What do you think is some great content from Facebook that could be shared on Pinterest?


Vincent-Ng-150x1501Vincent Ng is the president and chief blogger at MCNG Marketing, and the founder of the Pintalysis Marketing Blueprint. He is a fanatic about social media and digital marketing, and can often be found pinning creative ads on his Pinterest account. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @VincentNg.

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the creator of the Pintalysis Marketing Blueprint. He is a fanatic about social media and digital marketing, and can often be found pinning creative ads on his Pinterest account. Download his free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines.

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