How to Find Your Pins on Pinterest

It’s time to celebrate!!!! 


One of the best parts of Pinterest as a company is that they listen to their users. Imagine that a company that listens to its customers!!! What a neat idea, huh?

Over the past few months Pinterest has rolled out some really helpful features such as  send a pin and duplicate pin notification. All because of feedback they received  from the Pinterest community. Now, the feature that everyone has been waiting for is here, you can now search your pins!!!


How to Search for Your Pinterest Pins


Gone are the days of opening your Pinterest account and scrolling through hundres of pins to find that perfect recipe, tutorial or resource  you pinned months earlier. Currently, this feature is only available on the web version of Pinterest but will be included in the mobile apps soon.


To show you how easy it is to search for your pins and to give to a you a special tip, I made a quick video. If you think others would find it helpful, please share it using one of the buttons below. Thanks!


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