Is there a best time to Pin to Pinterest?

While scanning through Pinterest you might have come across infographics that  chart out the best times to be on social media networks. I’ve even seen some that tell you the best time to pin to Pinterest, but does timing really matter? Yes and no.


Is there a best time to pin to Pinterest


As with other things in life, it depends on your unique situation what is best. For example, the best car for me might not be the same car for you. The best computer to buy for me, might not be the best for you. My needs and expectations are different than yours.

The top review websites and experts can look at all of the specifications and data and rank specific cars and computers based on the data. The results will let me know what is best based on the data but not what is best for my situation.

When it comes to Pinterest for businesses, the needs or goals of the business vary as well and can impact what is the best for them to use Pinterest. Most of the time I’m asked about this it is in regards to increasing the exposure of pins to maximize the potential for repins and traffic to websites.

I’ve seen infographics and have read articles that recommend pinning in the late afternoon and from 8pm to 1am. I’ve also read that overall the best days are Thursdays and Saturdays.  But as Lucy Jennings pointed out in a recent call to the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast, her audience lives across several time zones. I know I have Pinterest followers in Australia so my Friday is their Saturday. Confusing, huh? 



I’ve done a bit of unscientific testing and have tried to pin according to what was recommended by the experts with the infogrpahics. I didn’t see any consistent results. Sometimes their recommended times did result in more repins but at other times, not so much.

What I have noticed is that content really matters. Business related pins get more repins during the week and during workday hours across the US for me. Lifestyle pins such as recipes and travel do better in the evening and weekends.

Speaking of weekends, this summer when I pin on Saturdays I hardly see any activity on my account, very few repins or new followers. Maybe it’s because more people are traveling and enjoying the great outdoors away form their computers. Fall and winter might bring different results.

These are my results from my followers which tend to be mostly business owners, bloggers and others in social media. Your followers might not fit these same categories so your experience might vary.


So when should you pin? 

The best time for you to pin is really going to take some time to evaluate the patterns of your followers. As your account grows from tens to hundreds to thousands of followers, your ideal time could change. Seasons and holidays can have an impact too.

To monitor what’s going on with your account there are 2 key areas to keep an eye on.

In the top right hand corner of any page on Pinterest, you’ll see a little red speech box with a number in it. This number reflects the notifications your account is receiving. Notifications of:

  • Repins
  • Comments
  • New followers
  • Invitations to group board


Pinterest notifications counter


Keep an eye on this number and you’ll notice that there are certain times of day that the number changes faster than others. Sometimes during the day I’ll see the number increase at a snail’s pace. Other times, I see it rise quickly. It’s at those fast times that I like to jump in. There’s a party going on, people are interacting with my pins and I want to be there.

Another place to watch is the top of your home feed page. This is where you see the stream of pins of the accounts you follow. At the very top of the page, just under the Pinterest logo, you’ll see a tab appear with a changing number in it. This number increases as new pins are pinned to the accounts and boards you follow.

Pinterest pins counter


As you watch it, you’ll see that there are times when it increases quickly and other times it barely moves. When it’s moving fast jump in and pin more content, join the Pinterest party!

So is there a perfect time to pin to Pinterest? Not really. There are too many factors to consider, time zones, follower numbers and seasons. Heck, bad weather or a nice sunny day half a world away could impact my account. The best advice I have for you is to monitor the trends of your account and trickle your pinning. Don’t pin lots of pins at one time. Space them out throughout the day and week.

Have you noticed any trends with your account. Do you have a day or time that works better for your pins?

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