It’s Not Delivery! Its not Even DiGiorno! Grilled Pizza with the Family

Earlier this spring, we discovered the internal parts of our grill had rusted beyond recognition. This sparked something in my husband, he became a man on a quest to find the perfect grill.

After days spent researching blogs and YouTube videos, he found his grill soul-mate, the Char-Griller Kamado Kooker. Since it came to our home, he has taken any opportunity he can to spark up the fire and cook.

By no means am I complaining! We’ve had some incredible food because of his new found passion including smoked brisket, chicken and the best steaks ever.  He wanted to venture beyond meat and veggies and give pizza a try. Pizza on a grill? He had seen it on YouTube, so of course it could be done! Okaaay… Let’s see.

He asked for my help with dough for the crust. Off to Pinterest I went! I did a search for grilled pizza and found links to a couple of blogs but they didn’t have quite what I was looking for. Some of the dough recipes needed to be prepared way ahead of time. I had to find something that could be ready pretty quick.


                                            Source: via Oh So Pinteresting on Pinterest


Mel over at  Mel’s Kitchen Cafe must have had someone like me in mind when she wrote about grilling pizza. She gives 2 recipe options, one for an overnight crust and one that she calls fast and easy. Fast and easy was just what I needed. Her recipe includes some surprise ingredients too; honey and garlic salt. Hmmm, sounds interesting.

HELPFUL HINT:     When using honey or syrup in a recipe measure in oil first or spray measuring spoon or cup with non-stick spray first and it will all just slide out.

Thanks to my Miss Talk A Lot For helping me with these pictures


One of my favorite things in my kitchen is my KitchenAid 6-Quart Stand Mixer. It was a huge splurge for me 10 years ago but it is one tough mixer. I have made countless cakes and cookies with it. But, the dough hook attachment is one that I haven’t used much. Baking bread takes patience, time and planning. Not qualities I usually have when it comes to coking. With my mixer, Mel’s dough recipe really was fast and easy to make.


 Now that my kids are older, I try to get them involved with cooking as much as I can. I called in my son to help with rolling out the dough.



The beloved grill needs to get up to 600 degrees. Almost there……


We put some cornmeal onto the plates we assembled the pizzas on to help them slide off onto the grill. In the YouTube video my husband watched, they didn’t cook the crust directly on the grill, they used a pizza stone. We heated an old pizza stone along with the grill. Right before we put the pizza onto the stone we sprinkled on some cornmeal to keep it from sticking. If  cornmeal falls down to the coals, expect a lot of smoke.


A metal spatula helps get the pizza from the plate to the stone


Check out our results…..


Grilled mushroom and olive pizza


Plain cheese for the kids


The pepperoni veggie masterpiece


-Things to remember whenmaking pizza on a grill:

  • Don’t roll out crust too thin- a thinner crust is more difficult to transfer neatly to the stone
  • Don’t overload the crust with lots of toppings- the weight of the toppings makes the crust fold in while transferring it to the stone
  • Use cornmeal to keep the pizzas from sticking to the plate or the stone


They tasted just as yummy as they look. I was afraid that the pizza would have a strong smoky taste but it didn’t. The garlic and honey added great flavor to the crust. Each pizza took between 6-7 minutes to cook with the lid closed.  Sorry Pizza delivery guy, nothing personal, but I don’t think we will be seeing you much this summer.


I’m always looking for new tasty recipes to try. What are your favorite recipes that you have found through Pinterest?



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