Love is a Beautiful Thing: Getting and Giving Blog Love

I am proud to announce that I am the recipient of a major award and it’s even better than one of these…



It’s the Kreativ Blogger Award!


Jen over at Crafty Home Improvement Misadventures thought Oh So Pinteresting has what it takes to be the recipient of this prestigious award.

Thanks Jen! I try really hard to make this blog into something special. As I tell my kids, if you are going to spend your time doing something, make it something to be proud of.

This award is a little different. It’s not just about the praise and glamour that it brings, it requires some work. According to the Kreativ blogger rules, accepting the award includes the following requirements:


  • 1. Thanking the blogger who nominated me to receive the award and providing a link back to their blog.
  • 2. Sharing 10 things about yourself that bloggers might find interesting.
  • 3. Nominate 6 other bloggers to receive the award and inform them.


As Jen put it, “Some might say these awards seem like chain letter type things, and I HATE those…it’s nice to see people complimenting each other, building each other up, instead of trashing each other.  So, let’s keep the love going.”  I couldn’t have said it better.


10 things that bloggers might find interesting

I’ve decided to do 5 blogging related things and 5 personal things


  Blogging stuff

  1. Making new connections with people from all across the country is my favorite part of being a blogger. (Make my day, send me an email or tweet me!)
  2. I am on a self hosted WordPress account.
  3. I use a PC, iPad and an iPhone to keep up with Oh So Pinteresting.
  4. I never used Twitter before I started blogging. Now, I’m on it  a lot.
  5. I’m a really slow blogger. Not including the time it takes to complete a project or a recipe or take pictures, I spend anywhere from 2- 6 hours on a post. But, I’m getting faster.


Personal stuff

  1. I have 2 sets of twins (Nope, no fertility help, just really blessed)
  2. I drive a red Mini Convertible (Not a very practical car with 4 kids but fun to drive!)
  3. I will be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary this year.
  4. I am an oncology nurse and I love it. Sometimes it is sad but, I have witnessed incredible strength, hope and love.
  5. I love to travel. The furthest I’ve been from home is Tokyo.


 Nominate 6 other bloggers to receive the award and inform them.

  1. Miranda @ Press X Twice - A blog a bout a gaming from a girls perspective. She’ s a brilliant writer, super cute and my daughter!
  2. Lollie @ The Fortuitous Housewife – A California girl raising two energetic boys in the Boston burbs.  She loves donuts,  her family, and a nice glass of wine. My kind of girl ;)
  3. Meagan @ Meagan’s Musings- A beautiful blog about photography and Meagan’s two adorable toddlers. She’s talented, friendly and a great photographer.
  4. Amanda @ Miles Away From Suburbia – Raising a toddler 2 step kids and 2 cats in a ultra fab one room loft. She has a blast exploring the city and having adventures with her cute little guy Miles.
  5. Shirley @Motivated Mommy of Two – A bright and colorful blog full of inspiration. She is a hard working busy mom motivated to loose weight and be healthy for her family.
  6. Jennifer @ I’m the Boss of Me – As Jennifer describes, “I am going to figure out how to have it all…at once.” She is pretty close to having it all. My favorite things about her are her honesty, her book reviews and her mad wood working skills.


Please go by and check out these fabulous blogs, show them some love and let them know I say hello.

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