No More Invitations

On Wednesday August 8th, Pinterest announced on their blog that invitations are no longer required to create an account.



This may make some people who had been hesitant to drink the Pinterest Kool-Aid take their first drink but at what price?

I had heard that invitations had been required to prevent spammers from taking over.  Spammers got in anyway, but the invites probably kept them under some sort of control.


Testing the System

I had to see for myself how easy it was to open a new account and if any other spam inhibitors had been put in place. So, I opened a new account.

I was just as I had feared. You can join with a Facebook or Twitter account or an email. I chose the email route.

The only information required was first and last name, username and email. All of these thing can be made up. I was hoping that my email would have to be confirmed before I could use the account. But, nope, nothing. I was able to log in and out and pin to a new board with out a hitch.

I did get an email asking me to confirm my new account  but I didn’t click the confirm button. I was still able to log in and out.



After selecting a few pins I was interested in, I was automatically given 55 people to follow. Each of  them had anywhere from 25,000 to 800,00 followers!  Unless you are some sort of spiritual deity, how the heck is anyone fabulous enough to have 800,000 followers? 

If you don’t connect your newly created account to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, then you don’t have anyone recommendations of who to follow. So, random people pop up, but who are they and why does Pinterest give them to me to follow? Why doesn’t it assign me to an average user’s account that has similar interests versus Zachi Diner’s account that has 68,000 followers. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but what makes him so special that Pinterest made me his follower?

When looking at the pins of the ‘super pinners’ I was assigned to follow, I noticed a lot of these in the comments of their pins…



This is the default user profile image given until one is uploaded. There were several of these in the comment’s of the pins, many more than in the ones of the people I follow in my primary account.  Suspicious?

Of course I want new people to join and share in the Pinterest world. It is an awesome tool for inspiration and sharing sources of great information like this blog. (Just kidding)

The bigger the community the better, right? I’m even all for businesses joining who truly want to become part of the Pinterest community and not just advertise.


The Waiting Game

I’m not going to confirm my new account in the email I received. Though it doesn’t say, I hope that there is a time limit for me to confirm before that account self destructs or at least gives me a reminder to confirm before I can log in again.

I really hope that Pinterest has some sort of magical spam protection trick up their sleeve that my simple little brain just doesn’t see.  I would hate for it to become a sea of  fake male enhancement and weight-loss ads.

What are your thoughts on this?  Is it a good thing to make it so easy to join or not?


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