Pinterest and Breakfast Bonding

A few simple ingredients and a little time was all it took make a fabulous breakfast.

The whole family was together this past weekend for breakfast. The hubby and I thought about going out for breakfast but after looking at my Pinterest boards for a while, we deiced to stay in. The pin that caused us to change our minds was this one:





When I first came across this pin, it wasn’t the picture that got my attention, it was the description.  I LOVE crepes and I really like Alton Brown.

I was lucky enough to go to Paris with my husband many years ago. There, we bought crepes from a street vendor. It was so romantic walking hand in hand down the cobble stone streets of Paris sharing our chocolate crepes.  That was the first crepe and the best crepe I ever had. Since then, there’s always been a special place in my heart for crepes.

A while back, we introduced our kids to crepes and would make them every now and then. We even ordered a large cast iron pan to make them like the vendors do. It is similar to this one.


10.5in griddle


But as happens sometimes, our lives got busy and our crepe making days were fewer and fewer.  Until now…


Alton’s recipe calls for 5 simple ingredients, flour, eggs, milk, water and butter. This seemed too simple. Other recipes we’ve tried called for oil, vanilla, salt, and sugar. Those didn’t always have great results, so, I was a bit skeptical this time.  But, I had faith in Alton.

As usual,  I read the ingredients list to make sure we had everything we needed, but, I didn’t read the directions. I hadn’t noticed that the batter needed to be refrigerated for an hour to prevent tearing. UGH!  Our 4 hungry kids aren’t going to wait an hour for batter to be chilled. Despite the risk of torn crepes, we trudged onward!


The recipe  said the batter needed to rest to let the bubbles subside. So in order to have fewer bubbles, I used a whisk instead of a blender.


The batter is really thin



We used a frosting spreader to smooth out the batter and to flip it.



They didn’t come out perfectly round and they did tear a smidge



Despite their flaws, they were delicious!

We added:  poached eggs (made in the microwave)

                       hollandaise  sauce (from a package)

                      leftover ham


                     = a delicious breakfast


Who says you can’t have dessert with break fast?  We had these too




These were so easy, we will be making them again soon. It was also a great way to spend the morning.  Because of this pin, I didn’t go to a crowded restaurant, I stayed in my PJs, cooked with my husband and had a delicious meal with the kids. Thanks to Alton and to Pinterest.


Keep Pinning!



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