Are you ready to get serious

and shape up your Pinterest account?

On April 18th, fellow Pinterest pro Jeff Sieh (of Manly Pinterest Tips) and I challenge you to to get your Pinterest account into shape. We know you’re busy running your business so we’re coming together to bring you an intense one day training to help you learn how to use Pinterest.

While this is going to be fun, it isn’t for those who easily give up. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and work up a sweat to show you:

  • How to setup your account correctly
  • How to really connect with the Pinterest community
  • Website optimization for Pinterest
  • Pinning strategies
  • Ways to grow your Pinterest following
  • How to get the most out of your pin it buttons
  • And much more…!

Don’t worry, Jeff and I aren’t the kind of trainers that will leave you in the dust. This is an interactive boot camp and we encourage you to ask questions. Your success is our success.

The boot camp begins at 3pm Eastern time will last up to 5 hours (depending on the number of questions and a few breaks.) If you can’t attend that day or can’t stay for the whole event, no problem, there will be a video recording.

For more details and to register click the button below.

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Learn Pinterest for business with this intensive boot camp