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Despite my intentions of posting about a crafty type project, I just didn’t get around to it this week. I promise next time I will be crafty.


Well, our two oldest daughters were home from college this weekend. That means they want Momma’s home cooking. That also means no relaxing for Momma. That’s ok though, I love having them home.


I have to admit that since the holidays this past year, I’ve gotten a bit lazy about making dinner. We’ve been hitting the drive-thru a lot more that we should. I get tired of making the same things over and over again. Pinterest has definitely helped in this area. In the past few months, I’ve tried a lot of new recipes. Most have been hits, including this one…..


Source: via Oh So Pinteresting on Pinterest



Honey pecan glazed salmon. Doesn’t it just sound yummy? I can’t think of any honey glazed things I wouldn’t like. I did a quick Google search to see what I could find honey glazed-ham, carrots, chicken, scallops, turkey….Yes, yes and yes! The only thing that didn’t sound too appetizing was honey glazed parsnips.


Part of the girl’s coming home usually includes shopping and this weekend was no different. One of our stops included Costco. I love Costco but I think I love it a little too much. I can’t manage to not be tempted by all of the samples and by all of new things I see there each time I go. I usually spend way more money than I planned. Can you resist? Please tell me you secret if you can. We came along these gorgeous looking salmon filets. They were pricey, about $25 for two filets. I justified it by thinking that I couldn’t feed the entire family salmon at a restaurant for anywhere close to that. There would probably be leftovers too!


This pin is linked to a recipe on The Girl Who Ate Everything blog. I followed the recipe and put the ingredients into a zip top bag. When everything was in, it was really thick, too thick to glaze the salmon. I was afraid that the salmon would fall apart as I mixed it around in the bag. I also worried about it sticking to pan. I added a couple of tablespoons of water and a splash of olive oil. It ended up a little too thin, so, next time I’ll only add 1Tbs of water. To play it safe, I only made one of the filets with the glaze and the other with a dry citrus rub that I get from Central Market.




“Score for Pinterest!” said my youngest daughter when I asked what she thought of the honey glazed salmon. I’m glad to report we all agreed. There was some of the dry rub salmon left but the honey glazed was all gone except for a sliver.  The soy sauce in the recipe balances out the sweet and gives it a hint of a teriyaki flavor.  I served the salmon with rice and asparagus. Except for the asparagus, the meal was a hit. You know how kids are with their veggies….


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