Pinterest Inspired Idea for an Easy Gift and how to Keep It Clean

My beautiful and talented blogging buddy Meagan, from Meagan’s Musings, was recently inspired by Pinterest to create an adorable yet easy gift for her son’s teacher.

She was inspired by this pin:



Here’s her version:



Nice huh? Head over to her blog for a free tag download to make your own. I think these would also be great gift card holders for those upcoming summer birthdays.


Sometimes cute things have a dark side


Meagan’s cup project reminded me of something.  I’m all for being environmentally friendly and like that these cups are reusable but I’ve had some reservations about the straw. How do I clean that sucker???? I know, I know I’m being a germ-a-phobe. I’m a nurse what can I say?

These cups are very popular in my office and a fellow nurse, Denise, showed me a little trick with extra long cotton swabs. She covered a swab in dish soap and used it to clean the inside of the straw of her cup.



Want to see what happened when she cleaned hers?

Warning:The following picture may be disturbing…



Ewww! This is what came out of her straw and she cleans it regularly! She usually drinks iced tea out of hers, so this is probably mostly just dried up tea but my gut tells me there’s something more.

Now that I know how to clean these, I’m not so leery of the straws. I found a package of 100 cotton swabs for $1 at Big Lots. Money well spent. My new cup will be well used this summer.  I’m off to Pinterest to find new summer drink ideas.



Do you have cups like these? How do you keep them clean?


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