Pinterest Party: The Food Review

Last week, I hosted a Pinterest party. If you missed the post about our wild party click here to read all about it.  In keeping with the Pinterest theme of the party, the food I made used recipes found through Pinterest.


Lets start with the most important party food group, cocktails.


This lovely little pin linked me to Peace Love Guacamole. Jenny’s fun and funky blog with this fabulous and easy cocktail recipe for Hippie Juice. Where has Hippie Juice been all my life?  This is easy to make and very easy to drink.


Ingredients include
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Powdered Pink Lemonade Mix
  • Watermelon Vodka
  • Triple Sec
  • Coconut Rum
  • Water
Since I wanted to have enough for the party I made a double batch in a large pitcher. It is not too tart but not too sweet and the fresh strawberries were a nice surprise at the bottom of the cup. Jenny recommends cutting the strawberries into quarters but the ones I bought were really big so, I chopped them into bite sized pieces. Other than that small change I followed the recipe exactly. I served it chilled out of the fridge and it was good but my favorite way was over crushed ice.



This drink was a hit at the party and I’m sure I’ll be making it again soon! It’s Pink and pretty, a perfect girly drink. The only thing that could make it better is if it were calorie free. I think I’ll try making a batch with Crystal Light to lower the calories. Gotta do all I can to keep from getting the dreaded Bloggers Butt!


Another pin that helped me find a recipe for the party was this one:


I just fell in love with how cute these little snacks looked and though they’d be a nice treat at the party.  I have a weakness for chocolate and I though they would go well with the Hippie Juice so I gave those a try.  Nikki over at Chef in Training came up with these little beauties. They’re made with refrigerated pie crust dough  and a simple pudding based recipe for the topping.


Of course I could’t find my flower shaped cookie cutter, and of course my kids had no idea where it could have gone to so I settled for round. On the first patch of crusts, I forgot to poke them with a fork before baking so they PUFFED up. Ok, no problem, I had bought an extra package of pie crusts just in case. I’m notorious for forgetting things in the oven. 


While the second batch was baking I got the chocolate topping going. I followed the directions but ran into a problem. It was too thin. It just oozed out of my piping bag. I though maybe it was too warm so I let it chill for about 45 min. NOPE still thin. I read the comments on Nikki’s blog but no one else said they had this problem. But then, I took a closer look at the picture. If you look closely at the picture above, the chocolate ones aren’t as defined as the white ones.


The second batch of crusts puffed up too! I had to make the best of it at this point, I had 30 minutes before guests arrived. I poked out the center of the crusts and filled them with the chocolate filling. I topped some off with strawberries and shaved chocolate and others with toasted coconut.



They weren’t as pretty as the ones in the picture but they were yummy! The ladies at the party were nice and gave them a thumbs up. I emailed Nikki about it and she was super sweet and responded right away. She said she hasn’t had this problem come up before and she suggested I add cream cheese to the recipe to stiffen it . She added it to the white ones to give them their shape.  If I try these again, I’ll give it a try.


The moral of the story? Try recipes before serving them at a party. As long as the company is good the rest doesn’t really matter. I had a great afternoon with some great ladies.  Time to start planning the next party!


Have any suggestions for recipes to try at my next Pinterest party? Have any suggestions on for the mini pie bites recipe? Want to just say hello? Leave a comment by clicking on comments below…..
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