The Pros and Cons of Pinterest on the iPad

Back in November of 2013, Piquora, a marketing analytics company that gathers data from social networks like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, reported that 75% of usage on Pinterest took place on mobile. 

According to a study by ShareThis, Pinterest accounts for 48% of the social sharing done on iPads. Facebook is a far distant second at 17% and just behind that is Twitter at 16%. Pinterest users love using the iPad to share content.

However, before you go out and start using you iPad for everything you pin, you should know the good and the bad  between the iPad native app, and the desktop version of Pinterest.

The Pros and Cons of Pinterest on iPad

Awesome Aspects of Pinterest on iPad compared to Desktop

1) You can Pin Anywhere on a Pin.

One of the great advantages of Pinterest from the user’s experience standpoint is the ability to pin from anywhere on the pin. When you touch a pin, there will be three icons that pop up. One for repinning, one for liking, and one for sending. This is quite different from the desktop version where the only way to pin is to scroll to the top of the pin and hit the Pin it button.

This ability to pin anywhere from a pin on an iPad makes it easy to share long forms of content like infographics and instructographics.

2) You Can Find Related Boards Easily

Okay, this to me is way too exciting, to the point where my head is about to explode. On the iPad version you can get a menu of related boards. Not just a single recommendation, but a whole lot of boards.

To do this, go to your Pinterest account on your iPad, and view your boards, now push down on it. You should see three pins. One of them will say related. When you select it, Pinterest will then load up boards from others that have some of the same pins that you do.

Oh, but this is where I jump for excitement, you not only can do that with your own boards, you can do that with any user’s boards. Here’s an example of what that feature looks like when I clicked on a on board from Cynthia Sanchez’s Oh So Pinterest board, Pinterest Tips and News.

How mobile Pinterest is different from desktop version of Pinterest.

3) Rich Pins for Articles and Recipes Rock

One of the things I like best about the iPad version of Pinterest is their call to action buttons for rich pins for articles and recipes. Article rich pins are pins that have additional information such as ingredients for recipes, or the author of an online article.

They have a great design for their call to action buttons. However, it seems that these style of buttons are not available for product or place pins.

This is an article I wrote about how to make your pins more searchable, that has rich article pin content. Notice the cool call to action button?

How iPad version of Pinterest is different from the Desktop

Downfalls of Using an iPad Compared to the Desktop Version

1) Rich Pins Are Harder to Identify on iPads

When looking at rich pins on a desktop version on your Pinterest feed, they’re very evident. The texts are bold and their in your face. Here’s a pin that I found pinned onto My Kids’ Adventure’s Pinterest page about the ultimate road trip guide.

The one on the right is one that’s from an iPad, the one on the left is from the desktop version. You are able to identify rich pins on an iPad because most of the rich pins on iPads will have a favicon in the description area. But since the website in this example doesn’t have a favicon it’s not showing up in the description for the iPad version.

Differences between rich pins for iPads and on Desktops


2) Can’t Find User’s Twitter or Facebook Account on iPads

Looking to connect with some great influencers on Pinterest with Twitter or Facebook? Unfortunately the iPad version doesn’t list those social media accounts in their profile. It does list the website of the user as well as if the account is verified.

If you want to find another Pinterest user’s Twitter account then it’s best to use the desktop version.

3) Can’t Move Boards Around on the iPad

Not happy with the way your boards are organized on Pinterest? Unfortunately if you’ve got the itch to move them around and you only have an iPad with you, you won’t be able to do that. Only on the desktop versions of Pinterest can you move boards. The good news is this, if you

4) Websites are not Clickable in the Description for iPads

A good practice to get more traffic to your website is by putting the website in the pin description. While these websites are clickable on the desktop version, and shortened so that it doesn’t look like a huge mess, on the iPad version these websites in the description are not clickable. And long addresses like can look quite messy on the iPad.

Those are some of the pros and cons of the iPad version of Pinterest. How about yourself, what do you like about the iPad version of Pinterest, or what do you not like about it? Share your comments.

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