Using Pinterest to Lower the Unemployment Rate

We don’t see many of these signs around anymore, a lot of business have moved to online job boards to advertise open positions. Most job seekers follow suit and post their resumes online hoping for a match.


If you’re on a job hunt or have a job to fill, have you considered taking a look at Pinterest?


Job Searches:


Companies are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon in droves to leverage its marketing potential but some have taken it to a whole new level. They are not only using Pinterest to promote their products, they are using it to promote themselves as a good place to work.


Example 1.

Lululemon Athletica is a Vancouver based retail company specializing in yoga clothes and running gear. On their Pinterest board called ‘Lululemon | Possibilities’ they have created pins for available job opportunities. The positions are mostly in their Vancouver corporate office but they also have some US based management positions pinned too.


Lululemon job openings on Pinterest


Most of their pins have a clickable email link to send in your resume. If you click through on the pin it links to either their corporate website or to their Facebook page where you can learn more about the job. They also have a ‘People|Profiles’ board where they feature employees. This along with the images they use with each pin, help to promote the athletic and energetic culture of Lululemon.


Example 2.

Fast food chain Taco Bell has taken this a step further by creating an entire Pinterest account for their HR department called Taco Bell Careers. They don’t have many pins about specific positions available but all 23 boards are about communicating the Taco Bell culture and personality.

Board categories include:

  • Philanthropic programs of the company
  • Corporate events
  • History of the company
  • Photos of corporate events
  • Job hunting tips
  • Boards for recruiters to show their personality.



While Lululemon focuses mostly on corporate positions, Taco Bell also includes store employees. Their ‘Taco Bell+YOU’ board has videos of teenagers and  a 20-year veteran describing their work experience. On most corporate websites, the careers section is often limited to one page and maybe a few photos. It usually isn’t as insightful as 23 Pinterest boards can be.


Optimally, the personalities of the employee and employer should be compatible.  By using Pinterest, both of these companies have given potential applicants a deeper look into theirs. This could help attract applicants that may not have considered applying before.


Speaking of Personality

Many employers do some background research on applicants before making an offer to learn more about them. This can include research of social media accounts like Pinterest.  What does your Pinterest account say about your personality? Remember, there is a people search on Pinterest and a even a Google search of your name can bring up your account. Even if your name is pretty common, profile pictures also appear on Pinterest searches.


There is an option in your Pinterest account settings to hide your profile from search engines but not from the Pinterest search.  So before you pin something that may not match up with a job you’re hoping to get, you might want to reconsider. For example, it might not be a god idea to have a board dedicated to your love of barbecue if you’re hoping to work for a vegan food manufacturer.


The Pinterest Resume

The ultimate use of Pinterest for a job search that I have seen is from Mark Johnson. He has a background in marketing, speaking, social media, education and architecture. He bought all of these talents together when he used Pinterest and an iPad during an interview. Take a look at the slides below for all of the details.



Must Give Credit

On most Wednesday nights at 9pm EST, you’ll find me glued to my Twitter stream for #PinChat hosted by Kelly Liberman. Kelly has done an awesome job brining in big name guests to participate in #PinChat including writers, app developers and businesses to discuss all things Pinterest.  Recently she had Avery Block, the Social Engagement and Brand Champion for Taco Bell Corporation who inspired this post. Thanks ladies.   See, I’m not ALWAYS on Pinterest.


How You Can Help

There are hundreds of companies on Pinterest and more coming on each day.  Currently, there is no easy way to search for job openings on Pinterest. If you come across one or if your company uses Pinterest for recruiting, please mention it in the comments below. If we can get few together, I’ll create a whole new board dedicated to them. Who knows, you might help someone find their dream job.





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